About Us


We have an assembly line on choosing of materials, cold heading, splitting , thermal treatment and spring coiling. We concern very much the quality must be perfect and it is also our uppermost goal. For more than 30 years' experience in this field,we insist customers are supreme and senior all the time and we develop under this concept.
We are specialized in manufacturing cold rolled high carbon steel strip, band saws, special springs, tape measure; we have an assembly line on choosing of materials, cold heading splitting, thermal treatment, spring coiling and paper cutting rule
We persist not to make finish products but supply only flawless raw materials for customers to manufacture perfect and quality goods and gain more profit accodingly.

.Our management idea: faith, pragmatic, professional,innovates
.our quality policy: Genially, Correct, Safe, Celerity
.service spirit:Realization "customer degree of satisfaction first"

Plant equipment

大型切分條割機 Lager Slittering
製品切斷機 Product Slittering
西德SCHMITZ雙向冷間壓延機 Cool Rolling Reversing Mill
無段式磨刀設備Stepless grinding equipment